05/06/2015 09:54 am ET

Noel Gallagher Calls Zayn Malik A 'F-ckin' Idiot' For Leaving One Direction

Astrid Stawiarz via Getty Images

Noel Gallagher isn't holding back in recent interviews. In conversation with Rolling Stone, the High Flying Birds frontman (and former Oasis guitarist) called Zayn Malik a "fuckin' idiot" for deciding to leave One Direction.

"It's a strange thing for that lad to have done at that age," Gallagher told Rolling Stone. "The greatest quote was — I laughed out loud when I read it — 'I just want to be a normal 22-year-old.' Pfft. Who wants to be a normal 22-year-old?! Hang on a minute. You can be fucking anything that moves and gettin' paid half a million dollars a week, you fuckin' idiot. You want to be a normal 22-year-old? Have you met any normal 22-year-olds? They're fuckin' shit-for-brains. What are you talking about, you fuckin' idiot?" And later, "I'll say this to you, Zayn: You might have wanted to be a normal 22-year-old, but you won't want to be a normal 25-year-old."

Malik left the band back in March and in his first interview post-split, he told British paper The Sun, "I feel like I've let the fans down but I can't do this anymore. It is crazy and wild and a bit mad but, at the same time, I've never felt more in control in my life ... And I feel like I'm doing what's right."

Even if Malik doesn't consider Gallagher's career advice, the other members of One Direction seem to be taking a page from his book. When Gallagher stopped by HuffPost Live this week, he commented on One Direction member Liam Payne's claim that their new album will sound "a bit Oasis-y." "Honestly, I cannot wait to listen to what their version of 'Oasis-y' means," Gallagher said. "What if it's brilliant though? What if it's amazing?" Either way, it definitely won't feature Malik.



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