05/08/2015 01:56 pm ET

Knockoff Disney Princess Warbles About Finding The One True Bra In This Adorable Lingerie Ad

Does bra shopping ever feel like a fairytale quest for true love?

Ladies, the folks over at Triumph understand your pain. So the lingerie company took inspiration from Disney to make this cutesy musical ad about it.

"The perfect bra and Prince Charming have a lot in common: almost every woman dreams of finally finding the right one," Tobias Fueter, who wrote and directed the ad, told Campaign.

The video, made by French agency Chez Eddy, features a group of women shopping for bras, with the lead singer trilling: "I have to find the one! The one that makes me feel like nothing else has done!"

Allusions to various Disney princesses appear throughout. The intrepid bra-hunter has hair similar to Elsa's in "Frozen" and an amphibian companion like Tiana does in "The Princess And The Frog." Her song about the faithful search for her one true undergarment is reminiscent of Snow White trilling, "Some day my prince will come."

Eventually, with echoes of Cinderella, an animated mannequin bestows the perfect bra upon her.



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