05/12/2015 01:22 pm ET Updated May 12, 2015

How These Female Entrepreneurs Are Inspiring The Next Generation Of Women

A group of female businesswomen spoke with HuffPost Live on Monday about their success and what they're doing to inspire the next generation of women to also pursue positions of power in male-dominated environments.

Jen Crane, owner of Bottle Breacher, said she's hired a lot of women entrepreneurs in her company, two of whom have already left to start their own businesses. It was "sad" to see them leave her company, Crane said, but ultimately "great" to have more women thriving.

"What I tend to do is I try to take time during the week to speak with each of them, help them, answer questions along the way," Crane said.

CEO of Honeyfund.com Inc., Sara Margulis also joined the conversation and explained that inspiring women starts with educating young girls to know that "whatever they do, they can be just as empowered and as successful as men, if not more."

"With my own daughter," Margulis continued. "I don't think she'll every have any inkling that there was ever any discrimination between women and men, because, you know, the efforts that our mothers and grandmothers put in to really getting out there, putting on the pantsuit and going to work is paying off now in our generations."

This conversation was part of a larger one with Kevin O'Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful from the hit-series "Shark Tank," who said he makes more money with women CEOs than men. You can watch the most recent segment here.

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