05/12/2015 04:22 pm ET Updated May 13, 2015

Artist Transforms George Costanza Into Different Pop Culture Icons

This artist should win a contest.

On May 14, it will have been seventeen years since the series ended, but it feels like "Seinfeld" never left. And now, artist Nicko Phillips is keeping the show and its characters alive with an Instagram series, "30 Days of Costanza."

For an entire month, Phillips gives George Costanza a daily pop culture makeover, calling it a "Costanza Bonanza." Well said, friend. Check out Phillips' site and follow him on Instagram so you don't miss the latest.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Mrs. George Doubtfire
George Sobchak
Georgie Stardust
Princess George
George Van Houten

We previously stated that it's been seven years since "Seinfeld" ended, but actually it's been seventeen years. More importantly, though, it's been over a decade since our last math class.

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