05/15/2015 10:04 am ET Updated May 15, 2015

'The Talk's' Sharon Osbourne Thinks 'The View' 'Lost Its Direction' After Barbara Walters Left

Sharon Osbourne thinks "The View" veered off course after the show's original co-host, Barbara Walters, retired from her post last May.

"When Barbara left, the show seemed to take a different turn," she told HuffPost Live in a Thursday interview. "The show was always a place for women to go where you could see what was going on politically around the world. They dealt with very serious issues."

The hosts started "doing things like cooking -- they were doing giveaways," Osbourne observed, "and it seemed that the show lost its direction."

Whereas it suffices for "The Talk," which the 62-year-old Osbourne co-hosts, to simply be about the five-woman roundtable just having "a good time together," Osbourne thinks viewers of "The View" expect "something more than that."

But the wife of Ozzy Osbourne says she's seen an improvement in the show as of late, noting the return of "more serious topics -- what we expect from those ladies."

"They're finding their rhythm again," she said. "And I think come September, they're going to be flying high again."

Watch more from Sharon Osbourne's conversation with HuffPost Live here.

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