05/18/2015 03:47 pm ET Updated May 18, 2015

Facebook Could Spell Big Trouble For Your Relationship. Here's Why

Take it from a divorce attorney: Facebook may be doing irreparable harm to your relationship.

In a recent HuffPost Live interview, San Diego-based divorce attorney Zephyr Hill discussed the role Facebook and other social media platforms have played in many of his clients' relationships.

"I can confirm it's involved in a lot of cases," Hill told host Nancy Redd. "People are talking about just being disconnected -- instead of cuddling in bed and watching 'Game of Thrones,' someone is staring at their Facebook feed all night long and not talking to their spouse. It's definitely a factor on that level."

Hill added that once couples move forward with divorce, Facebook often proves to be a "hotbed of evidence,"

Watch the clip above for more from Hill or head here to watch the full segment on how social media is affecting relationships.

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