05/22/2015 03:30 pm ET Updated May 22, 2015

For Single Girls, NYC Fleet Week And Its Influx Of Sailors Is Like 'Christmas In May'

"Whatever happens in New York City during Fleet Week stays with the sailors on their journeys." That was the adage that Paola Hernandez, the blogger behind BrokeSingleGirl, shared with HuffPost Live on Friday. It's fitting, as the Big Apple will host an influx of sailors until Tuesday, May 26, as part of the tradition formally known as Fleet Week.

The writer, who calls the storied event "Christmas in May" for single girls, explained why it's the perfect time for women to go out and have a no-strings-attached tryst.

"I just feel like there is no taboo," she said. "You can just pretty much go and have a great time, and there is no stigma of like, 'Oh, we hooked up last night, do I have to call him ever again?' It kind of has that spring break mentality."

Funny enough, Hernandez went into a past Fleet Week with that ethos, but came out with a less temporal arrangement. She recounted:

[I] met a boy in the navy from Atlanta, Georgia. [He], ironically enough, was stationed on a base in Connecticut. Pretty much we hung out, spent time together. We still talk, but the fire hasn't really picked up because now he's stationed in Honolulu, but when he does come to New York, it's kind of like things just pick up the way they were that time, and it's kind of like a long distance romance that he and I have at the moment, and it's great.

That's why she urges Fleet Week pursuers to "keep an open mind" when cruising for sailors.

"You might go in looking for just a quick hookup, but you could meet someone that you could be dating long-term, so it's pretty awesome," she concluded.

Watch more from HuffPost Live's conversation about Fleet Week here.

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