05/23/2015 10:24 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Jane Fonda Discusses Why She Thought Warren Beatty Was Gay In W Magazine Interview

Theo Wargo/NBC via Getty Images

Everything is coming up gay for Jane Fonda these days.

The legendary 77-year-old actress is currently featured in the new Netflix series "Grace and Frankie," in which she plays a woman whose husband announces he's leaving her for his law partner and best (male) friend.

Perhaps put in the mood by starring in a show with such heavy gay themes, Fonda has been chatting nonstop about queer topics while doing press for the series.

She recently told Pride Source's Chris Azzopardi that one of her favorite memories was "campaigning with Harvey Milk in the Castro District in San Francisco" and that a very famous unnamed gay actor once asked her to marry him.

And in the newest issue of W magazine, Fonda opened up about another one of Hollywood's biggest stars -- Warren Beatty -- and said that she once mistakenly thought that he was gay.

Noting their 1959 screen test for the film "Parrish," W revealed that Beatty "recalled that they 'were thrown together like two lions in a cage and kissed until we had practically eaten each others’ heads off.'"

In response, Fonda told the magazine she "didn't remember the test at all" and jokingly added, "I thought Warren was gay. He played piano, and all his friends were gay.”

The friends Fonda referred to were possibly gay playwrights William Inge and Tennessee Williams, Queerty noted.

Beatty has dated his fair share of leading women, including Madonna and Annette Bening, to whom the actor has been married since 1992. In 2010, an unauthorized biography claimed that he had slept with close to 13,000 women, a number the actor's rep called "baloney."

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