05/26/2015 12:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Japan's Underground Bike Elevator Is A Work Of Pure Genius

This commute couldn't get any cooler.

In some parts of Japan, there's no need for cyclists to wedge their bikes awkwardly against a parking sign or use cumbersome locks. Instead, this mind-boggling underground bike parking garage stores bikes with the poke of a button, and in the most fascinating way possible.

Just load the bike into the elevator...

...and it makes the underground journey to its parking spot in eight seconds, on average.

Bring back an ID ticket when ready to leave, and the machine will deliver the bike from waaay underground. The garages are built to be earthquake-proof, and they open up street space that would normally become congested with bike parking. Oh, and also, they keep bikes really safe. According to Mashable, it only costs about $15 per month to store a bike.

It's a work of sheer genius.

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