05/26/2015 07:30 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tuesday's Morning Email: Charter To Buy Time Warner Cable For $56.7 Billion

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CHARTER TO BUY TIME WARNER FOR $56.7 BILLION "Charter Communications agreed on Tuesday to buy its much larger rival Time Warner Cable for $56.7 billion in a deal that would transform the company into one of America’s largest cable and broadband operators." The move "would make Charter the nation’s second-largest cable television operator, behind Comcast." [NYT]

TEXAS GOVERNOR: 'BIGGEST FLOOD … TEXAS HAS EVER SEEN' Three have died and 12 are missing in the flash floods Governor Greg Abbott said have "tsunami-type" strength. [Reuters]

JUSTICE DEPARTMENT SETTLES WITH CLEVELAND POLICE DEPARTMENT The settlement over the conduct of the city's police officers is expected to require "significant changes in training and policies." [WaPo]

AT LEAST 500 DEAD IN INDIA HEAT WAVE Temperatures ran as high as 117.8 Fahrenheit. [Reuters]

MEMORIAL DAY BOX OFFICE DISAPPOINTMENT Why the smallest Memorial Day box office since 2001 and "Tomorrowland" flop means we can expect more superhero sequels. [WSJ]

THE PROCEDURES THE VA WON'T PAY FOR "After Army Staff Sgt. Alex Dillmann was paralyzed from the abdomen down in a bomb blast in Afghanistan, the Department of Veterans Affairs paid to retrofit his Chevrolet Silverado truck so he could drive it and bought him a handcycle so he could exercise. But the agency that cares for former troops won’t pay for what the onetime squad leader and his wife, Holly, ache for most: a chance to have children." [WaPo]

MALAYSIA AIRLINES LAYS OFF ONE-THIRD OF STAFF The embattled airline is expected to lay off 6,000 workers. [CNN]


CHILDHOOD DROWNING: THE SILENT KILLER "How does this happen? It took only minutes. There were plenty of adults around. None of us heard a thing." [WaPo]

SAY GOODBYE TO RAISES Bonuses and perks are becoming the new incentive norm. [NYT]

MEET APPLE'S NEW CHIEF DESIGN OFFICER Special request from The Morning Email: make the next iPhone waterproof. [WSJ]

ALL THE CANNES WINNERS And the race for the little gold men is off! [AP]

YOUR FIVE STAGES OF GRIEF AFTER FINISHING A TV SHOW Put down the Netflix and mourn people. [HuffPost]

THE RULES FIT PEOPLE LIVE BY Sadly, fishing over Memorial Day weekend does not count as one's exercise for the day. [HuffPost]


THE POPULAR VIDEO GAME MAKING A STAND AGAINST HARASSMENT "The world's most popular computer game is taking a bold new step to counter harassment. 'League of Legends' publisher Riot Games announced in a blog post last week that North American players now have access to a new 'reform system' that works to correct abusive behavior in the competitive online game." [HuffPost]


WHEN YOU KNOW YOU'RE IN A MATURE RELATIONSHIP "Rather than always agreeing on every aspect of life, your relationship tests and challenges your views. Your partner brings new views to light -- possibly ideas that oppose your own." [HuffPost]


~ Japan's bike storage system looks like an OK Go video.

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