06/01/2015 08:12 pm ET Updated Jun 01, 2015

CBS President Les Moonves Stiffs His Valet Because He Only Has $100 Bills

CBS Corporation president and CEO Les Moonves, one of the world's highest-paid executives, was recently caught on camera not tipping his parking valet because he only had $100 bills on hand.

In a clip recorded as Moonves was leaving a party last week in the ritzy Bel Air section of Los Angeles, the CBS exec pulls out his wallet to tip the attendant, but looks at his cash and says, "Sh*t, I only have hundred dollar bills.” After a pause, the valet driver says something inaudible to Moonves and pats him on the back. Moonves responds, “I’ll get you next time. Cheers.”

The footage was captured and shared by celebrity news site Leave My Name Out on Thursday but gained attention Monday after Gawker and Page Six caught wind of the blunder.

Moonves raked in $66.9 million in 2013, making him the highest paid CEO in American media and one of the world's best-paid executives in any industry that year, The Hollywood Reporter wrote.

Last week, actor and director Lena Dunham slammed Moonves for being out of touch on a different front during a roundtable with The Hollywood Reporter.

"Les Moonves is asleep in a cave somewhere far away," she offered as an explanation for why CBS didn't consider replacing David Letterman with a woman on "The Late Show."

CBS representatives did not immediately return The Huffington Post's requests for comment



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