06/09/2015 07:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

11 Things People With Motion Sickness Are Sick, Tired And Nauseated Of Hearing

For anyone who has motion sickness, road trips -- whether they're to the grocery store or the opposite coast -- are tough. As are plane rides, train rides, cruises, boat trips and yes, even scuba diving and the occasional elevator ride. 3-D movies? Not even an option.

Worried friends and family members try to help, but there are some things that people with motion sickness are just sick and tired of hearing:

1. Have you tried Dramamine?

Um, yes. They should sponsor me given the amount of Dramamine I've purchased in my lifetime.

2. You'll grow out of it!

You're confused. That's what you say to people with allergies.

3. Do you really get motion sickness this easily?

No, I'm just a pale shade of green and uncontrollably sweating for fun.

4. So what triggers your motion sickness?


5. What are those bracelets you're wearing?

motion sickness


6. Chew on some ginger!

Right, so, having motion sickness and an affinity for large quantities of ginger are not positively correlated.

7. Try chugging Coke or ginger ale before a car ride.

I know.

8. Have you met this distant relative of mine? She ALSO has motion sickness, just like you!

That's a surefire way to make friends in kindergarten.

9. Why do you need the front seat? Just look out the window.

I dare you to give me the backseat. I double dog dare you.

10. WOW. You look really pale/green/sickly.

Either I'm a vampire or you're seeing motion sickness happen in REAL TIME. How exciting for you!

11. Uhhhh are you going to throw up?

Just did.

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