06/03/2015 08:24 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Street Artist Invades Parisian Highway With Massive Optical Illusion


When driving on Parisian highways, beware of vehicles stopped on the shoulder, unexpected weather delays and, of course, massive and hypnotic optical illusions.

For example, this stunning work of tripped-out street art, measuring in at nearly 400 feet long and 100 feet wide, could cause an otherwise cautious driver to enter a mode of artistic reverie, potentially jeopardizing others on the road. For this, we thank German street artist 1010, who has made Paris' Boulevard Périphérique a little more spooky and a lot more beautiful.

"I like to play with the perceptions of human beings," 1010 told The Wall Street Journal. "Sometimes we think something is static but it’s not. If you change the perspective you see it in a different way."

1010 created his psychedelic masterpiece over the course of seven days, with the help of two assistants and 400 liters of paint. The bold imagery manipulates line and color to give the feeling of depth, creating the impression that there's a psychedelic cavity on the well-known stretch of highway.

Don't be too alarmed though, traffic is currently being diverted from the site of the work. The artist expects the image to travel primarily via iPhones and social media; those living or working in tall buildings in close proximity to the work are the only ones lucky enough to catch a glimpse in person.

h/t Junk Culture

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