06/16/2015 12:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

These 7 Amazing Products Benefit Communities Near You

For the last few years, socially-conscious shoppers have flocked towards products whose proceeds support transformative charities across the globe. Buy a pair of Toms Shoes, and they give a second pair to a needy stranger across the globe. Buy a Miir water bottle, and a person in a developing country is given a year’s worth of clean drinking water. But what about those who want to help out a little closer to home?

Here are seven excellent products with sales that benefit worthy charities across the United States, brought to you in partnership with Chevy Equinox.

State Backpacks

Inspired by Toms Shoes, Scot and Jacqueline Tatelman began selling stylish backpacks with a purpose. For every sale, they donate a pack to a nearby student in need. Whether you buy the simple, classic Union or the more elegant Smith, State backpacks are an easy way to look and feel good. After all, if they’re good enough for Beyoncé, they’re good enough for us.

Women’s Bean Project

Born during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, Josepha Eyre understands hunger. In the 1980s, she founded the Women's Bean Project in Denver to help put women to work. Through making soup, they escape hunger and learn business skills at the same time. Every purchase, from ten bean soup to chocolate covered espresso beans, benefits this remarkable program.

Unexpected Pitbull

As any dog lover knows, pit bulls are among the sweetest animals in the world—and also, sadly, the most misunderstood. Dogfighting, abuse and neglect have led to pit bulls around the country being hurt and abandoned. Luckily, the people at Unexpected Pitbull are here to help out. Since 2004, they’ve sold a delightful calendar of pit bull pictures and stories, donating 100 percent of their net profits to pit bull rescue and advocacy organizations.


Founded by a thirteen year-old Ohioan who wanted a more manly scented candle, ManCans donates canned soup to local kitchens, then turns the empty cans into candles with scents ranging from Memphis Style BBQ and NY Style Pizza to the holiday appropriate Santa's Beard. Although the founder's number one rule was "no girly scents," ManCans began selling SheCans in 2013 in participation with Beaver Creek Candle Co.


Since 1994, HERO has been providing support to needy families across Alabama. In 2009, the organization gained national attention when it began producing HERO Bikes—sturdy bikes made from local bamboo, whose sales help HERO build houses and provide community support across Alabama—and selling kits for handy cyclists to make their own.

Steve’s Paleogoods

You don't have to be a caveman to enjoy Steve Liberati's premium paleo snacks, which provide a ton of protein without unhealthy fat or over-processing. Liberati began selling his Paleogoods in 2007 to help fund CrossFit training for disadvantaged children in Camden, New Jersey. Proceeds from the company benefit Steve's Club, an organization which has since gone national.


Founded in 2007, FEED sells bags, accessories and apparel with proceeds going directly to feeding hungry people across the globe. In partnership with Feeding America, FEED also brings food to American tables with its range of products, like this West Elm apron, whose purchase provides fourteen meals for hungry people across the United States.

From elevating everyday life to making a bigger impact in your community, Chevrolet Equinox is designed for possibilities.