06/16/2015 11:04 am ET Updated Jun 16, 2015

'American Man In America' Ad Promotes Gun Safety

A new ad invokes patriotism and a sense of humor to promote gun safety in America.

The "American Man In America" ad, launched Tuesday by gun safety advocacy group Evolve, stars a dapper Josh Lucas of "American Psycho" and "Sweet Home Alabama" fame.

"America is great because it's full of freedom, but it's also full of gun accidents," Lucas says in the ad, as gunshots are recklessly fired around him. "Of course your gun is safe, but maybe other people get distracted because America is so full of handsome movie stars and delicious hamburgers."

Watch the ad above.

"The problem is, too much stuff is getting shot by accident, like toddlers and full grown people, but you can help."

Lucas encourages viewers to clear and double check the chamber of their guns after use, to turn on the safety and store the firearm in a secure place.

"You may not need this message, but somebody out there does," Lucas says. "America is counting on you."

The ad comes amid a campaign to make June 16 National Gun Safety Day. Evolve launched a White House petition Tuesday to make National Gun Safety Day an officially recognized national holiday.

Evolve identifies as "apolitical," striving to promote safe, responsible gun use without taking a pro- or anti-gun stance.

Check out popular Evolve ad "Playthings," which used sex toys to send a message about locking up firearms, here.



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