06/16/2015 05:06 pm ET Updated Jun 16, 2015

Kim Kardashian's Letter To Her Future Self Asks The Big Questions

Kim Kardashian gets thoughtful, penning a letter to her future self in a video for Glamour -- and it's kind of like looking into the reality star's soul.

A lot can change in 10 years, but Kardashian seems to have everything planned out. When she's 44, Kardashian wants to remind herself, "When it comes to how you feel about your body, remember to be kind to yourself and enjoy how you look now because you're not getting any younger."

She also writes, "Since North is now 12, I hope you remember that pre-teens are going through a lot. I know Junior High is really tough, so remember to have a lot of patience!"

Still, Kardashian knows who she is, and doesn't think a decade will change that.

"I trust that you will still be the queen of contouring," she writes, adding, "May science invent a mysterious and delicious green juice to keep you tan forever." (We would totally invest in this technology, if someone wants to make that happen).

And because Kim Kardashian ponders only the big questions in life, she wonders:

"Are you still filming 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians? ... Are selfies still a thing? Are the terms 'bae' and 'on fleek' so 2015? If not, am I still 'on fleek?'"

And lastly she writes to her future self, "If you haven't broken the 100 billion mark on Instagram followers, I'll be very disappointed in you. Bible."

Well, it's good to have goals.



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