06/25/2015 04:55 pm ET

Here's A Contender For The Best Handshake You've Ever Seen

Growing up, maybe you had a handshake with your best friend that you thought was pretty special and unique. Whatever that handshake was, and whatever it meant to you, it should now be considered garbage. That's right. A rugby team from the Netherlands has just retroactively destroyed your childhood.

The Dutch website Dumpert posted a video a couple of days ago of a Netherlands rugby team going through the motions of what very well may be the world's best handshake. Since the initial posting, the video has been turned into a GIF that has started going viral in the U.S. -- again, because it's likely the best handshake you'll ever see.

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Call your old friend, it's time you two had the talk. Give your reasons. Say it's not his or her fault. But admit it one another: Your handshake was nothing compared to what you just saw these orange Dutchmen do.



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