06/25/2015 05:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How Women 5 To 50 Feel About Feminism

Every woman defines the role of feminism in her life differently -- and one woman's perspective may never be completely clear to another. But it's every woman's prerogative to define that role herself.

In a new video created by Cut Video, women from five to 50 years old answer what the the word feminism means to them. The words women associated feminism varied across all ages, ranging from "overrated" to "essential."

As the video shows progressively younger women describing their relationship to feminism, those in their 20s and younger consistently expressed more positive feelings towards feminism, while some of the older women were a bit more weary with the term.

One woman said feminism was "purposeless." “What it started out to be, gaining equality has really lost all its point because people who claim to be feminists often don’t understand or accept other women and their choices," she said.

Other women were much more positive about feminism, using words such as "strong," "respectful" and "essential."

For their part, most of the young women under 11 years old were unsure of what the word feminism meant, replying "I don't know" or giggling and shaking their heads.

"At the end of the day, if you boil down what feminism really represents it’s a truth," one woman said. "All people regardless of gender or station in life or everything, are equal. And that’s the truth.” Well said.

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