06/26/2015 12:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Here's What Hollywood Would Look Like If Women Ran The Show

What would it look like if women ran Hollywood? In an industry where less than 10 percent of the top 250 grossing films are directed by women, Margaret Cho dreams up an alternate reality. In a new video for Funny or Die, the comedian flips the script on sexism in Hollywood.

In the video, Cho and her team of women writers go over notes from the network on their imaginary show "The DUFF and the DILF," which reverses the familiar casting trope of a female love interest who is far more attractive than the male lead (tagline: He's hot. She's not). In this case, the "DUFF" (a troubling recent addition to the cultural lexicon) is a cool, funny chick dating a DILF named "Dan."

But according to the network, "52 percent of our audience is male, or whatever, so they want us to beef up Dan's character," Cho tells her team to a collective eye-roll. Evidently, men don't appreciate being objectified.

The women hash out ideas for making Dan more than just "a beautiful, hollow, prop" -- like giving him a hobby or making him struggle with blue balls so that he appears sympathetic.

But after brainstorming for a while, the women can't find a way to turn this DILF into "a human man." Instead of working to find a solution, they break for lunch -- and put the "diversity hire" (and only guy in the room) in charge of taking their orders.

Watch the full video above.



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