06/26/2015 03:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Shark Caught In Hudson River, Terrifying Us Just A Little

Sharks in Manhattan don't just roam Wall Street.

Fisherman Wu Zhen caught a real one in the Hudson River on Thursday in Battery Park, the New York Post reported.

shark ny

Wu Zhen with his catch. He released it soon after.

The creature, identified as a smooth dogfish shark, can often be found off New York City's Rockaway Peninsula and uses its flattened teeth to munch on clams, marine worms and other prey. Luckily, it's not so fond of chomping on people.

"It is not dangerous to humans, except that its skin is rough and can cause a rash if not handled with care," a New York Department of Environmental Conservation spokesman told The Huffington Post.

Zhen released his catch back into the water, the Post noted.

And while the shark may be happy to be free, this may be the last time we consider kayaking down the Hudson.



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