06/29/2015 03:18 pm ET Updated Jun 29, 2015

3 Lessons For Nonprofits After Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage

David McNew via Getty Images

The Supreme Court’s freedom-to-marry ruling was a momentous and inspiring win not just for gay people and our loved ones but also for America, a giant leap forward on our journey to a more perfect union.

The decision not only required the freedom to marry throughout the land but signaled that it is time to end the "gay exception" to the law in all other areas. And while its overdue arrival may have felt like a "thunderbolt of justice" with accelerating momentum, in President Obama’s words, this transformative triumph was in fact the result of long, hard, and tenacious work over many decades.

There has been an extraordinary amount of interest in understanding how the freedom-to-marry movement came so far, ostensibly so fast.