06/30/2015 05:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Boy Devastated After Accidentally Breaking Museum Artifact, But Staff Wants To Tell Him It's All Good

Everybody makes mistakes. That's what this understanding English museum's staff wants one child to know after a little slip-up during his visit.

A young boy visited Christchurch Mansion, a museum in Ipswich, Suffolk, with some relatives last summer and accidentally knocked over a historic jug. The child, whose name is unknown and is thought to have been about 4 or 5 years old at the time, was crushed.

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The mended jug.

However, the jug has since been put back together thanks to Carrie Willis, a duty officer, and the museum staff is now searching for the child to let him know that everything's A-OK.

"We want to reassure the little lad that all is well," a council spokesperson for the institution said in a press release. "We would like to invite him and his family back to have a special tour and see the magically mended jug."

The jug, after it had been knocked over.

The jug, which is about 221 years old, had broken into 65 pieces as a result of the accident. Willis, under the direction of the museum's conservation officer, Bob Entwistle, put together the 18th-century Delft puzzle jug. The duty officer spent about an hour per piece putting the item back together, the press release indicated.

The jug is now on display at the Ipswich Art School Gallery as part of the new "Colours" exhibition.

Not much is known about the boy, but the museum's staff is hoping one of his relatives will come across the news of the jug's restoration, calling on them to contact the museum once again.

"We don’t know if the boy is local or if he was a visitor to the area," the spokesperson said. "If one of his relatives is reading this we would like them to get in touch by calling 01473 432035."

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