07/13/2015 03:28 pm ET Updated Jul 13, 2015

Sheer Number of Candidates Has Many Republican Voters Worried


Republican voters have mixed feelings about the way an ever-expanding pool of GOP candidates will affect their party, according to a Monmouth University Poll released Monday.

Thirty-nine percent of Republican voters say the number of candidates is bad for the party, while a similar 34 percent disagree, saying that the number of candidates is good for the party. Twenty-two percent say the unprecedented number of GOP hopefuls has no impact on their party.

These figures come on the heels of Monday's announcement by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) that he, too, will seek the presidential nomination -- becoming the 15th Republican candidate to do so.

While they might have mixed feelings about quantity of candidates, Republican voters don't seem to have mixed feelings about their quality. In an earlier HuffPost/YouGov poll, while 41 percent of Republican voters said their party had too many candidates, 69 percent of those voters said they were satisfied with their candidate pool.

The Monmouth Poll consisted of 1,001 landline and cellphone interviews conducted July 9-12 with a national random sample of adults. The data and methodology can be found here.



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