01/29/2016 06:48 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

These 5 Game Day Party Hacks Will Help You Intercept Messes

It’s game day, which means it’s also crunch time -- both for the players on the field and the MVPs hosting parties at home. When the whistle blows and the huddles break, fans around the country find themselves in the middle of the action, surrounded by all the snacks and essentials they need to watch the big game with friends and family. With all those finger foods comes a whole lot of mess, so we’ve teamed up with Glad® to share the best game-day party hacks that intercept spills, stains and other fumbles by the visiting team.

The only thing you should have to worry about on game day is whether your team will take home the title. Save yourself the stress of cleaning up post-party messes and dealing with lingering odors by using Glad® OdorShield® with Febreze® trash bags. Instead of just covering up bad smells, they neutralize them. Glad® OdorShield® with Febreze® technology provides all-day odor neutralization and freshness for up to five days so you can enjoy the big game and your post-party wind-down without any unwanted odors in the way.