08/16/2007 10:22 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Quick Quiz: Political Apologies

With Bill Richardson apologizing for saying that homosexuals choose to be gay and Mitt Romney apologizing for saying that his military-avoiding sons are serving their country by helping get him elected president, Paul Slansky looks back at some political mea culpas.

1) In 2005, Rep. Randy Cunningham (R-CA) apologized for committing various crimes that earned him a 100-month prison sentence. Complete the apology he offered up ten years earlier: "If the term _________________ is offensive, then I apologize and I will not use it again."

a) 'nigger in a woodpile'
b) 'homos in the military'
c) 'money-grubbing Jews'

2) Which Republican presidential candidate has not yet had to issue an apology for using the phrase "tar baby"?

a) Mike Huckabee
b) John McCain
c) Mitt Romney

Match the former senator with the bigoted epithet he apologized for.

3) George Allen (R-VA)
4) Conrad Burns (R-MT)
5) Fritz Hollings (D-SC)
a) 'ragheads'
b) 'wetbacks'
c) "macaca"

6) In 1993, Rep. Ken Calvert (R-CA) was arrested for receiving oral sex in his car.
What excuse did he offer along with his apology?

a) He was emotionally distraught about his father's recent suicide.
b) He was involved in a bitter divorce.
c) He didn't know that the strange woman who was blowing him was a prostitute.

1) b
2) a
3) c
4) a
5) b
6) c