04/19/2011 04:24 pm ET Updated Jun 19, 2011

Living With Autism: Why I Haven't Let It Stop Me From Building a Career in the Music Industry

My name is 50 Tyson and I am an 18-year-old autistic high school senior. I live in Minneapolis and I have achieved my dream of becoming a rapper despite having autism. On April 15th, I released my debut album, "50 Tyson Presents the Rhythm of Autism, Volume 1." Every year I plan to release an album during autism month and I hope to inspire people living with Autism and their families to pursue their goals because having Autism should not stop them from becoming who they want to be. I live a normal life, have a lot of friends and even played football this year for my high school. I am grateful for my parents and record label, Hudson Records for believing in me and allowing me to achieve my goal of releasing a rap album.

A year ago, I got my big break after posting a video of myself rapping on You Tube. My first video received more than 3 million views and from there my career as a rapper took off. At first I thought everyone was making fun of me, but I have gotten a lot of support and I've been told that I am a inspiration to others with autism for what I'm doing. People tell me all the time it takes a lot of courage to become a rapper with autism but I just believe in God and let everything else fall in place. I take being a rapper very seriously and hope to be known as one of the best one day. It takes a lot of practice working on my raps and remembering my lines but each day I get better.

Being a rapper has allowed me to become a spokesman for autism. That makes me very happy because it's important that I do my part in raising money and awareness for autism. I am proud to say 20 percent of my album proceeds will be donated to various autism charities. Autism impacts a lot of people and we need to demonstrate there are ways to help us and make our lives better.

April is Autism Awareness Month but we need to have year-round awareness of autism and that is why I have been heavily involved with organizations such as the Autism Society of Minnesota. Hopefully, I can use my name to participate in more national events to raise money and provide motivation for others to defeat autism. Once others hear my music and know my story, they will know they too can become whatever they want to be.

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