11/21/2014 01:54 pm ET Updated Jan 21, 2015

'Where's the Global Warming?" Thought Buffalonians -- Then They Looked at a Map

The continental United States has been slammed by cold temperatures and it is difficult to escape images of Buffalo's massive snowfall. When there is a big snowstorm, climate science deniers gleefully crow "Where's global warming?" and otherwise in a way that resonates with (sadly, too large) a segment of the population and is gleefully played by media outlets looking for shallowly amusing items to spread around.

A la Senator James Inhofe (R-ExxonMobil) dragging out his children to make an igloo on the Mall mocking Al Gore, the science denial community leverages what is going on in backyards and on TV broadcasts to confuse people about reality.

Yes, Buffalo is having a massive, massive snowstorm. (And, I do not envy and sympathize greatly with those who are trying to deal with its impacts -- from shoveling massive amounts of snow, to worrying about whether your home will cave in, to ...) For too many, that (beautiful) white stuff somehow is a disproving item when it comes to climate change science. To try to explain that, in fact, the snow is related to climate change opens the door for ill-educated mockery. Yet, it is ...

And, well, there are times when Twitter catches it all.

"Nuff said?