06/18/2013 10:13 am ET Updated Aug 18, 2013

How Difficult It Is to Choose Your Aim

Right now, I am in a condition that can be perfectly described by the word "self-satisfaction." Keen to know why? OK, I'll tell you.

I remember those days when my friends used to suggest that I become a journalist. I will not negate the fact that I too, had a fancy for journalism and for some time with much pride I used to say, "I'll become a journalist." Later, as I grew up, I realized that I was just inspired by journalists -- I didn't wanted to become one.

Then, I developed an inclination for being a writer. Actually, from my early childhood, I used to write. And everyone who used to read my writings used to appreciate them. Of course, if you will read an article by a 9-year old girl, you will prefer patting her on the back rather than pointing out the grammatical mistakes and telling her how illogical her logics are! As days passed by, I realized that It was the blend of flattery and praises that made me think that I can become a writer.

After some years, I started to write poems. Some about separation and others giving an inspirational message. I imagined my poems printed in a textbook and children reading them in school. Sound absurd? Maybe it is!

Then, I started blogging and I started lovin' it. You might be thinking that this time too. I must have thought to become a professional blogger but surprisingly I did not.

What I mean to emphasize is my aims kept on changing but every aim had one thing in common: that they all were related to writing. For me, writing is the best form of self-expression. I am happy, I write. I am sad, I write. I love jotting down my feelings -- capturing each and every abstraction that comes into my mind. It was a sort of recreation for me. Slowly and slowly, I realized that writing is my passion and I don't want to make it my profession.

Finally, after a long introspection I got an answer to the question: What is your aim in life? A doctor. Yeah, that was the thing that I wanted to become. That was the thing that would bring a raised curve of satisfaction on my face. After all, profession is not all about bread and butter. According to me, it's all about enjoying your work.

So friends, I would like to tell you all that while making a decision about your aim, careful consideration is needed. You have to think what you want from your future and doing what will make you achieve them all. Forget all the pressure whether it is parental or peer. And there is one thing that you should always remember: "Great minds have purposes, others have wishes."