09/29/2015 05:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

4 Life Lessons From an Entrepreneur


If you haven't figured this out by now, please allow me to save you some frustration: Not everyone will care about your dreams. I have been writing about this for a while on my website and shared my frustrations. Not many people really care, but there are some who will listen to your dreams just so they can tell you why you should never chase them. They are jealous. Some have failed endeavors and they don't want anyone else to be a failure, or success.

I began writing several years ago and then attended training to learn how to use a platform to build websites, including my own. I loved writing, even as a child. But, there was something more to it. I knew there had to be more. Recently, I quit my job to focus full-time on my side-business gone full-time business.

Let me lay a little groundwork here:

About six years ago I took a job some would consider a dream job. At the time, it was considered a secure job with great benefits, phenomenal retirement, you name it.

As the years passed, I realized something was wrong with me. I didn't buy into the retirement deal, and it didn't seem right. But, it wasn't just this job, but every other job I had in the past as well. I continued to do my duty until I realized; I am unemployable.

It wasn't anything against working, I am not afraid to tell you I have a strong work ethic. But misery and all its family moved in on me, so I decided to begin building my own business. For the most part, I quietly built my business on the side until it reached the point I could pay my obligations.

I know what you are thinking; There's no security in that!

Yeah, I know. I have heard that and about one thousand other reasons why I should have continued working at the "regular job".

First, there's never a perfect time to take the leap. Was it the perfect time for me? Probably not. Was there ever going to be a perfect time? Nope. Here's three things you need to know before breaking the mold and leaving your "9-5" to hustle full time on your dream:

1.) There's Never a Perfect Time: Something will ALWAYS come up to hinder you, defer your decision, change your mind, discourage you, or set you back about ten years. Screw it and move on.

2.) Having a Mentor is Critical: Why? Because if you find one with a similar thought process, it is likely they have walked in the path you are taking. Heed their advice as it can save you heartache.

3.) Having All the Details Figured Out is Impossible: There are so many things you have to do before launching out into the deep. Either way, there are risks involved. You can have all of your insecurities addressed and guess what, something will come up to screw it all up. Keep moving on. Press through it.

4.) The Closer They Are The Deeper They Stab: Not all of your friends will celebrate your change. Yeah, maybe at first they will and then they will start thinking about you working from anywhere you want to while they are stuck in a musky cubicle somewhere else. Your family will claim you are insane. Not partially insane, completely insane. I almost forgot, there will be those who would rather discourage you, tell you how you will never make it, but all the while, all they would have to do is support you. It's your dream. It's your responsibility. If you allow the words of others to keep you from it, you weren't cut out for it.

You may be in the planning stages of venturing out on your own. My point through this article is to encourage you to keep pressing through. It will not always be tough, and, no, it is not all perfect for me right now. It will be fine in the end, though. As a recovering perfectionist, I can tell you, there is no perfect decision.

Find your purpose. Seriously, I have a difficult time believing I was born to work, pay bills, and die. Maybe I am wrong but I want to leave a mark, raise the standard, conquer a mountain, Set goals and crush them. I am different and I despise being average in anything. But, I will not die with dreams and goals inside of me.

What will you do with yours?

Photo Credit: Flickr/Paxson Woelber