How Ingrid Bergman Can Inspire Your Resolutions for 2016

Watching the documentary, Ingrid Bergman - In Her Own Words, I was moved by many aspects of her life -- her great sense of adventure, her lioness soul, even her innate shyness. I was surprised to recognize the impact of her loving father's photographing and filming her as a young girl. She came to associate his adoring face behind a lens, perhaps inspiring her uninhibited passion to act. With luminous beauty and talent in abundant measure, she still did not expect success to come to her. Instead of waiting to be discovered, she wrote letters to the directors she admired, Hitchcock and Rossellini, even slipping "hire me" notes into their pockets. She kept these directors, along with agents, other actors, as well as her own three children as her true family.

In her brilliant career, Ingrid Bergman was proactive -- a word that implies taking-charge, being spirited and dedicated. She was actively ambitious, not passively waiting for recognition. In any profession where there is so much competition, talent and beauty are just the starting point, not enough to make a career. Connecting with important people who can hire you is a necessity. Making alliances requires a success skill that I call "risking linking," a combination of two actions: (1.) Linking yourself to others whom you admire, and (2.) Risking their ridicule or rejection. All achievers learn to practice this skill in order to ignite and fulfill their dreams.

We all have to, too. No matter what our field is. Let Ingrid Bergman's passion to succeed inspire yours. A fine New Year's resolution.

Make your luck happen!