03/29/2013 03:20 pm ET Updated May 29, 2013

Altering Nature in Morocco (PHOTOS)

A year ago, I heard about the twists and turns of the making of a documentary film that chronicled land disputes in northern Morocco between a rich businessman and a family of peasants who refused to sell no matter how attractive the offers were and despite years of legal pressures.

It had all the elements of a great drama: a rich investor, a family of peasants, the project to build a polo field and a sobering reminder of the lack of justice for the poorest in a country like Morocco.

I wrote about it for the International Herald Tribune but I never moved on from the story and I am following up on what is happening to the family and other villagers.

I grew up in Morocco and I have always been concerned over losing beautiful natural resources to projects whether they benefit the country's economical development or not.

Last weekend, a group of American students visited the beach where the story is taking place and have shared their impressions as they uncovered more drama.

I wanted to share few pictures of this incredible piece of land a few miles south of Tangier:

Asilah - Morocco