05/16/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sarah Palin: Exploitation of Women at its Worst

Sarah Palin is definitely the embodiment of the antifeminist movement in this country: From The Bad Girls Club, Jersey Shore, The Bachelor, to a seemingly conservative woman candidate, Palin is the latest attempt to appeal to female voters and consumers in this country, in the so-called pink economy.

Why cannot the GOP find a real advocate of women's rights as a running candidate, instead of someone with a pretty face who lacks substance? Do they think that by just picking any woman, female voters will flock to vote for her?

Due to aggressive marketing efforts on part of her promoters, Palin still draws crowds in cities across the country. But what does she have to offer? Will she be a serious contender in 2012?

I guess for someone to be on TV repeatedly gaining cerebral status; that opens the door for them to do, or be anything! Our obsession with celebrities does sell, big time. From Joey Butaffucco, Lorena Bobbitt, the Sham Wow Guy, Joe the Plummer, Reality TV, etc, any familiar face on TV can tell us anything. They also write their own books by the help of ghost writers and people line up to take picture with them.

Columnist Laura Flanders and author of Bush Women: Tales of a Cynical Species, finds
Palin as the GOP Hypocrisy at its Best. "Will the media test her on substance, or let her play "Ms. Congeniality?" It is up to the public to see through the fact-free diet we're being fed., Flanders decried.

Vanessa Valenti sees Palin as a "The Christian Right's Slick Campaign to Make Abstinence
Seem Trendy."

Kimberly Gadette finds Palin as "The Bikini Car Wash: One Sexist Tradition," Gadette says: "Slap a friendly female face on a hard core-conservative political platform, and pray that the pundits will only take pot-shots and talk about gender. While Palin's record is poor, so is the media coverage. In place of serious discussion of her policies on the environment, on human rights, on taxes, free speech and governance; we've had only talks about soccer moms.

Palin seems to believe abortion is a crime, even in the case of rape and incest. She supports teaching creationism in schools and opposed environmental protections for the Holy planet, while having fun shooting animals and giving a free hand to oil companies to drill for the last drop in Alaska.

Well, she is celerity now, and she can do whatever she wants. Thanks to those who flock to
catch a glimpse of her and get her autograph.