08/05/2013 02:44 pm ET Updated Oct 05, 2013

Blockbuster Trade Rumor: A-Rod for Anthony

The Blogosphere is a-buzz with a rumor (which I started) that the New York Yankees are in last minute negotiations with Bill and Hillary Clinton about a potential trade of Alex Rodriguez for Anthony Weiner. Because Weiner is not currently on a major league roster, the trade would not have to go through waivers or need approval from the commissioner's office. It has the potential to end an embarrassing situation for all parties.

Even if banned from major league baseball, A-Rod could still run for Mayor of New York City drawing support from the steroid abuser community, the city's vast network of gyms and workout spas, medical suppliers, and the pharmaceutical industry. Anthony Weiner is seen as a potential upgrade for the Yankees at third base and his "refusal to withdraw from the race" attitude is seen as a big plus as the Yankees try to pull back into the pennant race.

I polled some of my friends to see what they think of the trade.

Norman, a lifelong Dodger fan although he was born in the Bronx, is "happy to finally see the decline of the Yankee Empire." He thinks even if the trade falls through, "A-Rod should consider running for mayor as a libertarian Republican calling for an end to all regulation of steroids, the immediate legalization of spitballs, beanballs, and spiking. He could appear regularly on Fox News, and if he is defeated, become a fellow of the American Enterprise Institute. If he holds on to the $100 million owed by the Yankees, he could even buy his own institute."

Timmy from Brooklyn feels "if the news accounts are accurate, Weiner never actually gets to third base and my guess is that he consistently just strikes out, so the Yankees might want to reconsider."

Philly from Queens, who despite her name is a Mets fan, thinks the trade is a great idea, however she is worried about the impact of steroids on Anthony's much publicized private parts. She was also disappointed to learn that Ryan Braun is nicknamed the "Hebrew Hammer." Oy-Vey!

Huma Abedin, the Yankees, and the Clintons have not responded publicly about the rumors or this post. Either have Anthony or A-Rod.