12/31/2013 12:49 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

When Cyber Security Really Means Personal Security

Cyber Security.
2013 brought that word into most American's daily conversations as a result of the devastating revelations by Edward Snowden. You know, how the NSA has basically both undermined Internet security, created a situation where most people living in the U.S. actually, it turns out, are living under constant surveillance of one type or another.

Reality is the NSA is just one tiny part of this.

It is not just the NSA either spying on us. Hundreds of companies, some you know like the famous internet companies, and big software and hardware companies; plus a whole pirate ship full of shadowy groups, companies, cartels, organized crime groups are also doing it. Not to mention foreign governments and foreign organizations tied to crime and or unethical uses/collection of digital data.

Spying on you.

Almost every move you make online, or when you are using any electronic communications is watched, monitored, cataloged. License plate cameras are spying on your movements, with almost no regulation. Actual cameras are all over the place; with also little to no regulation on data use and privacy. GPS, Cookies. Beacons. RFID tags on everything from food to clothes in the stores, to your electronics. These are the tools the governments, companies and bad guys out there have almost ubiquitous access to.

Luckily there are many companies out there providing solutions for the protection of your data, and to try to help make privacy an actual option. Use them. Make sure you follow privacy guidelines and ensure your settings online, on your smart phones and in the apps you use are set tightly.

But what happens to those people who find themselves the target of a bully? Or a stalker? Or online harassment? Where those same electronic tools are used indeed to cross the line from "digital" to real life? There are few organized tools that exist to help people in this situation.

Digijaks has just released one.


We decided to deconstruct some tools we originally created to assist U.S. national cyber security, and apply them to a personal cyber security tool. One that addresses the physical security needs of real people. One that allows bad actors to be tracked, traced and reported to authorities.

Cyber Security.
Now it really means personal security too. They are indistinguishable. If your cyber life has been compromised, then in this massively connected world, so too has your real personal life been compromised. Take action, be safe. Don't let the bad guys harm your person, your family or your business.

"CYBRS8F" now available on Google Play and coming soon on the other major app marketplaces.