11/20/2012 12:38 pm ET Updated Jan 20, 2013

Speaking the Truth About Thyroid Disease: What Doctors Don't Tell You

I've cured an incurable disease. For more than a decade, I was told that my autoimmune disorder, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, would leave my thyroid in permanent disrepair and that I would be taking a pill every day for the rest of my life. What I was told was wrong. I knew it in my heart, and I found doctors who believed in me and believed in a cure. One of the most important steps to curing my disease, however, was not just dietary changes and important supplementation, but rather changing my mind and supplementing my old, debilitating beliefs.

After speaking with health professionals of all different backgrounds from all across the country, one of these people finally gave me some unbelievably revelatory information. She had me rapt on the phone during my consultation when she told me that basically, the body doesn't attack itself. I protested.

"But, my body is attacking itself! That's what an autoimmune disorder is!"

She insisted. And she pressed on. She explained to me that I needed to go reflect on when this problem began. That in some way, the disease that had developed was a response to some kind of external attack. My body had turned on itself because it was a reaction to some trauma or event in my life that sent my body cowering into a state of auto-defense.

I was stunned into silence on the phone, and I could feel my thyroid and my throat throb. The truth of her words literally choked me up. I remembered the first time that a doctor had noticed my enlarged thyroid when I was 14. The original reason I was there was because, due to becoming so depressed due to my home situation, I was hoping to get some help for it. I'd been living under constant stress and strain due to an overbearing, unrelenting, verbally abusive father. When he screamed, all I could do was listen. I could never speak up for myself.

So, basically, I stopped speaking up for myself altogether. And, according to this insightful woman, my body had responded to this trauma by creating its own kind of internal attack on my throat, reflecting bodily my entirely repressed ability to speak my truth. In time, it may have been able to reverse and heal on its own, she said, but I had arrested that healing response with my medication and belief that I was incurable. She said it had to change, and I agreed.

The first step was to overcome and move past all the trauma from those teenage years. Now, no one gets through childhood unscathed, and this is not a sob story, rather just a reality check -- our internal framework has to change before the physical mechanism can alter its pattern. As I like to say often to my yoga students:

We can only express the truth that we carry inside.

Until that internal truth altered, my body could only express this repression, and self-attack. I would have to do the challenging personal work to free my throat from this deeply-held belief and liberate my voice in order to speak the truth about what is important to me.

It took me almost all of the 10 years of what I thought was simply the road to healing my thyroid to alleviate the internal trauma and residual patterning that was holding my body in this expression of disease. It wasn't easy. I often went kicking and screaming into various forms of therapy and spiritual practices. It was all personal. Some of it was painful. But, now I can clearly see that it was probably the most important step of my healing process... far easier than changing to a gluten-free diet and adding important supplements that helped to get me off my medication.

I've now successfully cured the supposedly incurable disease, and live happy and healthy with a fully functioning thyroid. More important and subtle to note, probably, is the fact that the groundwork has been laid within my body for it to express a different truth. Because, remember, we can only express the truth that we carry inside.

When that truth reflects our happiness, our wholeness, our belief that we are entirely deserving of love, forgiveness and kindness, it paves the way on a deep and subtle level for the body to outwardly express those truths. I'm not saying that this will cure all diseases.

But it did cure mine.

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