06/14/2011 02:20 pm ET Updated Nov 15, 2011

Moral Conduct From California Government

California -- what is going on when constituents/citizens cannot get a hold of the governor, senators, attorney general, or other elected officials in Sacramento? It is one thing to try to slash the budget, but not at the expense of severing the communication links between the representatives of the people and their constituents.

The only recourse left for the constituent is to reach out to the media, which our forefathers so kindly left us, as they knew there would be a day when government officials do not perform with checks and balances. Hence the media has become the fourth branch of government. Would the government officials respond to NBC or CNN? Or perhaps a documentary team sent by HBO? How systemic has collusion and corruption become in the once treasured Golden State, which was once looked upon as the trendsetter of our nation for the last 50 years?

I take the time on this blog to put it out there, as I would love to hear from all people who have lately experienced the same problem. Let me provide an example -- one is told that if one has a grievance and wants to pass it on to their Attorney General Kamala Harris, that she does not have a telephone number or email address one can reach her at. The only recourse is to send through the US mail, which ends up in snail mail hell, never getting the courtesy of a common acknowledgment, which is customary. Of course everyone points fingers at everyone else. If we had Sergio Aragnoes illustrating, he would just have different faces pointing at each other as the corruption goes on and on unchecked.

Our California constitution affords us the recourse of recalling elected officials, from the governor to minor elected officials and the sheriffs, when they do not perform their mandated duties. The Constitution of the United States itself does allude to the fact that the government is subservient to the people. When the opposite occurs, we no longer have a republic, but tyranny.

I found myself in this very situation with the issues I had to bring up so egregious, that they needed to be articulated to a US Congressman at the federal level, in order to open this sardine can.

Sometimes it takes an army to make a difference. Therefore I decided to spearhead, reaching out to you, the public, so that together, as caring citizens, we leave to our children, a government that is responsive to them and not a one way street. As we see the forest from the trees as passion we held so deeply received, a truer view comes to light.