09/13/2011 03:06 pm ET Updated Nov 15, 2011

Moral Conduct in California Government -- Beacon of Hope

Recently, I blogged on the lack of responsiveness of the California state government to its constituents.

As with all things, simple is better, and in recent weeks Governor Brown and Attorney General Kamala Harris have worked to simplify matters for one of their own, myself. Law enforcement stands as a beacon of hope to the American people, and while there are some as in any profession that may abuse power, I have regained my trust and confidence in some who have proven their stripes in recent weeks to perform the jobs they were put in place to do.

There is a greater purpose to our being than watching life pass us by without playing in its midst. In that playfulness, our success is often not determined by our own merits but by others who help lift us up in our efforts. Though life does not breed perfection in any of us, including myself, it does ultimately inculcate wisdom to those who accept its rhythm.

From the governor to our law enforcement on the front lines, I can say thank you now for those who continue to learn from that rhythm making it so we can all continue on the pursuit of happiness.