The Power of Appreciation

The art of the thank you note has evolved over the years. It used to be when you received a gift, or someone helped you in some way, you would send a note to express your appreciation for their efforts.

Now, when you go to college and prepare for job interviews, your professors and career counselors remind you to send a thank you note to your interviewer after you leave the office because it leaves a good impression in your wake.

But what if we upped the ante? What if we thanked people that have impacted us in our professional lives, outside of the usual? What if we thanked others for speaking at an event, hosting a webinar, or putting in a good word for us with the boss? As it turns out, a simple thank you note has some pretty powerful implications.

It Doesn't Matter How You Do It.

Whether it's a traditional card, an e-mail or a tweet, the thought truly does count. The fact that you took the time to tell someone you are grateful for their actions won't go unnoticed. Don't get hung up on deciding which medium is best. As long as your message is genuine, it will be appreciated.

You Will Make Someone's Day.

You might be surprised to learn that most people don't receive thank you messages all that often. It'll make them feel fantastic when they receive your kind words, guaranteed.

Someone I didn't even know tweeted me a few weeks ago to tell me how much they had enjoyed a previous article of mine. I was very pleasantly surprised that they took the time to tell me, and it made me feel great to hear the positive feedback. It was such a simple act, but I couldn't stop smiling afterwards.

It's A Great Way to Network.

A thank you note is not only a great way to be remembered, but also to be introduced. Whether it's a keynote speaker at an event that you didn't get the chance to meet in person, or the author of a book that inspired you, thanking them is a great way to get on their radar and make that personal connection. For example, I recently watched a great webinar that inspired me, so I sent a thoughtful email to the influential woman hosting it. I told her about myself and why her information was great for me to hear. But I was also sure to include my contact information and website at the end of my note. Now this person knows how to get in touch with me, should a great opportunity arise.

Your attitude shapes your future.

I'm a huge believer in karma. Being grateful for what you have received and expressing that to others will bring positivity into your life. You will be more aware of how others impact you, and will want to return the favor. That positive and appreciative attitude will make you a magnet for more good things to come your way!

With an attitude of gratitude you will make the people around you feel appreciated, and with that will come a wealth of personal connections and opportunities.