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'Dexter' Recap: 'Swim Deep' Pits Dexter Against Mob Boss Isaak Sirko

dexter recap swim deep

Spoiler alert: Do not read on if you haven't seen Season 7, Episode 5 of "Dexter," titled "Swim Deep."

Dexter-Deb Drama:
After spending the first quarter of the season struggling to figure out how a brother and sister team comprised of a homicide lieutenant and a serial killer who only kills serial killers can coexist, Dexter and Deb forged their own code in this episode.

It all started with Dexter's revelation -- while "talking" to Harry on his boat -- that if he keeps involving her so closely in his homicidal hobby, he'll "eat away at her like saltwater on a boat."

Throughout the episode, they set up some healthy boundaries with each other, but not before Deb got the chance to rip off a few more classic Debisms, such as, "Dex, we are in a world of fuck" and "Fucking fucknugget!"

When Dexter told Deb that she was in danger from the Koshka brotherhood and confessed that he was the one who killed Victor -- and did it by utilizing evidence that would have helped a police investigation -- she made him promise that he would never again take justice into his own hands on a solvable case. But she basically gave him her blessing to keep killing when cases fall through the cracks of the system, like he did with Ray Speltzer.

And in return, Deb did her best to actively interfere with LaGuerta's investigation into the Bay Harbor Butcher bloodslide. She elbowed her way into helping her out with the case, and then volunteered to look through the folder of wedding photos that one of Dexter's victim's sons gave them. When she found an incriminating photo of Dexter lurking at the wedding, she gave it to Dexter, and he burned it.

So they've reached an uneasy understanding now, and with this relationship seeming more settled -- at least for the time being -- it will be interesting to see how the show pivots towards its eventual end-game, and if the main conflict will now become Dexter vs. the Ukranian mob? After Dexter's showdown with mob boss Isaak Sirko, that looks like a distinct possibility.

Kill Of The Week:

After Dexter found Louis Greene's blood on his boat, he came home to find that somebody was in his apartment, and he used a phone call and fake accent to lure him outside. Soon, he and Isaak were embroiled in a classic "Dexter" cat-and-mouse game.

Dexter hatched a plan to take Isaak down while he and Deb were hiding out in a hotel. He lured him to a hangout of the Koshka Brotherhood's Columbian cartel rivals, leaving him as a sitting duck in a den of his enemies. But Sirko proved himself a formidable adversary, showing off some crazy gun skills as he took down four armed men. But Circo sustained a cut in the shootout, and Miami Metro was able to match his blood to the crime scene and arrest him on homicide charges. The scene that recreated the shootout in "Matrix"-style slow-motion based on Dexter's first-hand knowledge of what went down -- and the blood-spatter analysis -- was one of the coolest scenes so far this season.

But just when the show was really clicking, Dexter's prison sit-down with the incarcerated boss tested the limits of believability. During a deep discussion about revenge, Dexter flat-out admitted that he killed Victor in retribution for Mike Anderson's murder. Aren't all jail house phone conversations taped?

Regardless, Isaak is not one to squash a beef: He vowed to get revenge on Dexter, Deb and the rest of Miami Metro, however long it takes. Cirko may be locked up, but his underlings are still on the street, and they've got to be pissed that their leader is behind bars. Miami Metro and the Ukranian mob are probably going to war.

Dispatches From Miami Metro:

The sexual tension between Dexter and Hannah McKay continued to be so thick you could literally cut it with a knife ... basically. "Look at us talking blood and gore like we're on a date sharing our first sexual experience," she told him. Meow. They each picked up on the fact the other was kind of into killing, and Dexter kept her secret that she was more than Wayne Randall's innocent sidekick.

Quinn is getting in way too deep with his stripper girlfriend, and the Koshka brotherhood has now officially put him on the payroll. They left him a bag of cash in his car, and he took it. He's vulnerable in this upcoming feud.

Batista still doesn't buy that the bartender Alex Dubrosny killed Mike Anderson, and suspects that it was Victor. But Deb shut him down, giving him a line about knowing when to back down. "Mike's killer is dead," she told him, telling the truth while lying. But Batista doesn't know that, and felt betrayed by her order to stand down.

Theory Of The Week:

During Dexter and Isaak's initial cell phone chat, Isaak told Dexter that "Victor was a friend of mine, this is personal." That explanation of their relationship, as well as the fact that the mob boss is going after Dexter by himself without any backup, gives credence to the theory brought up by several commenters last week that Victor and Isaak were lovers.

What did you think about this episode? Share your own opinions and theories in the comments.

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