04/16/2012 10:34 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Psychic Reality: The Marisa Anderson Story Part 11

"Marisa Anderson is one of the most authentic, naturally gifted psychics I have worked with."-- Professor Hans Holzer, Ph.D.

Marisa Anderson continues as she speaks about the Catherine Woods murder case in New York. It had been worked on via the counselors for the defense which was a different angle for her, and it gave them the information ahead of time before the prosecutor had given them what they needed. "I gave them exactly the info from the murder scene as though I had entered it, giving details of articles on the floor in each room such as pasta dishes in the sink, a whipped cream can kicked to the side of the room, a mattress up on its side in the bedroom, footprints of a sketchers sneaker in the blood on a wooden floor toward the doorway. The prosecution didn't even know it was a sketchers size 9 boot/sneaker the defense knew because I told them" says Marisa.


Late actress Catherine Woods. Photo Courtesy from the web and copyright Peters Photography.

Marisa Anderson: Another case was an international one, notable as it involved Tyrone Powers' granddaughter. Powers was one of the great romantic swashbuckling stars of the mid-twentieth century, and the third Tyrone Power of four in a famed acting dynasty reaching back to the eighteenth century. His granddaughter was missing and thought to be a ransom abduction perhaps dead because of the time that elapsed. I was assigned and it was brought down to a missing persons case as I knew she was alive, we solved the case within a week. The family was happy to have her returned unharmed and people were discreetly sent to "collect her" as I located her in the Dominican Republic, staying in a hotel where I gave part of the name to, and "visited" this remotely via a world map. I asked for a map that I could spread out on the floor. The retired federal investigator that brought me onto the case, Nick, spoke fluent Italian and so we worked via his associates within the FBI. All I was given was a newspaper photo of her. I explained she had run away with someone, and didn't want the family to know. It was also a pleasure to work with an Italian Investigator that knew the singer's parents. He had come from Italy that next week to the area and wanted to meet with Nick and I.

Another case had taken down a number of people in New York, and a few other states, and was in the news for quite some time detailing these arrests. It was very involved and ran quite some time. I'm sure someone would find it would have made a great script for the Sopranos TV show. Other cases were abductions for ransom that I worked, one was a child, six in total for the CID in Trinidad Tobago, and happily they came to resolve going with victims found and to prosecution I was told because of my help. They swore I worked for the CIA because of the impossible details I gave them for each of their cases, that they wouldn't believe me and said, "We know, you can't tell us!" In one case I told them the woman was alive, she was bound in a small hut just a short distance from a cliff that overlooked a lumber mill on the island. While they were driving I told them what road they were on to turn right on the next road I saw. I said, "You will find her on the floor of the hut, alive". We were both on cell phones, and the lead investigator said he knew exactly where I was describing and they were on their way immediately. They said there was only one place like that on the Island! Some days, its just good to be me... Marisa, a psychic!

Alexandra Holzer: What sticks out in your mind as the most poignant of psychic moments and clarity as to tapping into something larger then yourself?

MA: Namely the info we now call 911 that I predicted with details live on radio Sept. 29, 1999, on the Larry Hughes show on WEOK seeing flags on bridges and highways, three strikes to our on the east coast, on our soil first time since Pearl Harbor and that we would be waging a covert war against a faction spread out throughout Europe and the world and we would never be the same, and that that Bush would be elected and he would be the president that would begin to fight this faction and that he would create a new security department. We would bomb them and find the second in command within six years under rubble, which we did and it would take a decade to kill the key lead component. We now know this department as Homeland Security of course, and I was right when I stated we would never be the same again, our personal freedoms are forever gone. When I received the info watching The Weather Channel and as the map and the meteorologist pointed to the map crossing over Oklahoma, I immediately flashed to a white van with a man sitting there early hours before 8 a.m., and he was pointed toward a big "official" city building and I knew something was going down and immediately began to call a friend who knew someone in Oklahoma. I told your father about it and he wrote about it as it was about the beginnings of the bombing that would take place. Other such times were receiving info about flight 800, the latitude and longitude which I gave out on WEVD radio before it happened and other such info such as US Air and other downed flights.

Part 11 of this exclusive interview and story continues below as Part 1 can be found here.

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