08/25/2014 03:22 pm ET Updated Oct 24, 2014

Woman: A Hidden Power

The importance of woman is not only huge but without her it is impossible for the man to exist and create. She is his alter ego, his other half, symbolically as said in the Bible, the filter of his primordial thoughts which come true as a woman's brain exist. Man should bow in front of the woman because she is the same efficient and capable being in all levels, and when man feels the feminine existence and her importance on this planet, he can be elevated to the highest high, receiving a place in the Pantheon of half-gods.

God on the quiet, sacredly incarnates and manifests through revelation, so does woman, who remained silently through centuries as a divine diaper and out of which she can bring forth the male substance. There is a reason and willfulness for the woman to be on the unsighted side, as the big Forces are invisible because, "nature loves to be hidden," according to the great philosopher Heraclitus. So as Universe is ruled by mystery, so does she, vested by mystery, too. Woman is the universal Force of the creation, she can give life, bring dangers and questions, to which man has been called to give answers to from the beginning of the world. Woman is a Sphinx who by her imperious and mysterious attitude leaves every passing person speechless and pondering with her mystery. Some succeed to solve it, some get past and some are lost.

The tender female creature with all her seductions and weakness is the locomotive power, the tappet of every society to function; it is the female of an eternal divinity and domination that with a chordal and imperceptible way, pulls the strings of a devotional function in the universe.

Through the divine female, God set the matter of Creation. The conception and birth to help bring about calmly and secretly in the holy woman's vagina, where, in the intimate parts of her body have been conceived the greatest men of the history, the biggest intellects of the humanity, who left golden pages in the history of the world as reaching the top of the pyramid to the up-most of the up-most, Jesus Christ who came to this world by the Adorable Mother, of the Invisible and Visible World, Virgin Mary.

In a woman's hands God trusted His work, "a chosen person of all generations" to contribute to the Mystery of Incarnation of the Divine Logos. It is inconceivable the wisdom that God showed to a woman to embrace the sublime role of being a mother in the history of the humanity and to show Her as "thou the more honorable than the cherubim, and beyond compare more glorious than the seraphim'' to make Her the symbol of hope, consolation and purity to every mortal in order to be Our Everlasting Mother.

Woman is the insuperable melody whose notes charmed and seduced from the strongest and the most powerful people of the primitive times until today. Her cell has been always maintained in-alterable, she is the same Circe, the sorceress, who symbolizes the eternal attractive Force or the Sirens who can seduce any Ulysses by succeeding to tame even the naughtiest among men.

This blog entry is an excerpt from her book "From Sandals to High Heels" translated from Greek to English.

Alexandra Symeonidou is a best-selling author in Greece and has published 10 novels, translated three French theater plays from old French to Greek and two children's books. "Nightmares in the Saudi Arabian Desert" is her autobiography and her first translation from Greek to English. It is available on