12/26/2012 01:45 pm ET Updated Feb 25, 2013

Here You Are

Here you are, 15 years old and always wanting. Wanting to leave this small town because you think your dreams are too big for it. Wanting to just read books and watch movies all the time because they feel like your only constant friends. Wanting to fall in love like they do in those books and movies. But, you'll learn to appreciate your small hometown while still hanging onto those big city dreams. You'll understand that real love will only happen if you muster up the courage to stop living in books and movies and start living in reality.

Here you are, 16 and fully believing. Believing in all those pretty promises that guys make. Believing that it's okay to let these guys consume your thoughts and your time. Believing that your self-esteem should be attached to these guys and how they treat you. But, you'll see that promises get broken. Sometimes it's your fault and sometimes it's his. But either way, it can never really be fully fixed. You'll realize that being single never hurt anyone, and there are times when you need the guarantee of not getting hurt.

Here you are, 17 and constantly trying. Trying to get over those guys who weren't worth believing. Trying to do everything and be everything all the time. Trying to not show any sign of struggle, even though you're a breakdown waiting to happen. But, you'll come to understand that it's okay to break down sometimes; it's what makes us human. You'll find that you can't set a deadline to stop having feelings for someone. Closure happens when you least expect it.

Here you are, 18 and eagerly learning. Learning from your classes, your friends and family, and your daily experiences. Learning how to adjust to a new place and time without losing where you came from. Learning that you will always be learning because that's how life works -- no matter where and when you're at in life.