How Being Engaged to George Clooney Means Your Closet Just Got a Major Makeover

05/01/2014 04:29 pm ET Updated Jun 30, 2014

If you're not asking yourself what Amal Alamuddin is going to wear on her wedding day, then you must not have internet access, or you must be a straight male who works in finance. And even if it's the latter, I'd think news of George and Amal's engagement would have somehow crept across your computer screen, or your cubicle in the form of a female coworker crying about how her chances of becoming Mrs. Clooney was just blasted to smithereens.

Now that George is officially off the market, one must wonder how soon his bride-to-be will be regaled with gifts in the form of fashion from designers near and far clamoring for the chance to design her wedding gown. Surely Amal is no stranger to fancy apparel, what with her high profile professional law career, but marrying a movie star means upping the fashion ante for anyone. She's basically just agreed to be picked apart publicly by the fashion police for every public appearance she makes.

Will she continue to stay true to her somewhat conservative skirt suit Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy-esque past or use this opportunity to become an icon? Will she implement any fashion rules, wearing female-only designers, only designers from her native UK, or rest on the safe laurels of well-established designers who are no stranger to creating pieces for people in the spotlight?

With her new seven-carat accessory already making headlines, the Anne Hathaway lookalike undoubtedly has a long road of fashion faux pas in her future. Going from working girl to wife of a mega movie star has to mean she'll give a little more thought to getting dressed every day, especially one day that single women across the globe are refusing to accept will actually come to fruition -- her wedding day.

Depending on where the nuptials take place, Lake Como, Los Angeles, London or some other remote romantic locale, Amal's wedding dress will surely be praised, critiqued, copied and on the minds of designers until the day she says "I do."