02/16/2009 05:25 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Santa Claus is the Quintessential Man

As the mother of three children, there have been numerous opportunities to answer the question, "Is Santa Claus real?" And my answer has always been the same: Absolutely.

Is there a man who flies through the night sky on a sled pulled by reindeer? Probably not. It is the spirit of Santa Claus that is absolutely real. And alive and well in the hearts of men. I believe Santa Claus is the quintessential man -- the pure, concentrated essence of the goodness of men.

This is how Santa Claus represents men:

Like Santa Claus, men are incredibly generous. They have a huge desire to give. The goodness of a person inspires them to give more. Meanness makes them want to give less.

Like Santa Claus, men need us to tell them what we want. They can't read minds. They don't pick up on "hints". They appreciate it clear and straight, like the letters children send to the North Pole.

Like Santa Claus, men want to make us happy. So when we tell them what we want, it's important to distinguish what would be nice from what will really make us happy - all the way 'til next year.

Like Santa Claus, men need to be appreciated. Whether it's milk and cookies, or a hug and a smile, it matters that we receive their gifts with warmth and attention to detail. If you appreciate their gifts, they will overwhelm you with their generosity.

Like Santa Claus, men get their power from us believing in them. When we believe in their goodness and generosity; when we believe they want to take care of us and make us happy; we interact with men in a way that naturally brings out the best in them. The best for us and the best for them.

Like Santa Claus, with men, believing is seeing, not the other way around.

I believe in Santa Claus. I believe in Men.

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