10/02/2008 06:05 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Palin/Biden Debate and the Jewish Vote

Unless Sara Palin wets her pants on stage tonight, she'll be declared the winner. And even then, she'll win over the Depend vote. She'll be charming, "feisty", and anecdotally folksy. I hope Biden will come out swinging and allow for none of it. Attack the ticket from the top, uncover every past McCain vote. Debate McCain, not Palin. Fill the studio with hot coals so there's nowhere for her to step.

And then tomorrow we can fill the airwaves with cozy Biden stories, like the following one from Christina Ritch:

Our daughter Nina, was in the process of switching her working career from politics to teaching. She went back to school to get her Master's in Education. My husband John was chatting with Biden and told him Nina loved the classroom but felt insecure about her choice because so many of her friends didn't consider teaching middle school a serious job. "That really makes me angry," Biden said, "Jill has been a teacher all of her professional life, and we need more people like that. Give me Nina's address. I'm going to write and tell her I'm proud of her and how important her job is." A week later, Nina received a letter from him saying just that. She treasures it.

Or this story also from Christina: Biden and I were contemplating the pastry table at a British Embassy tea party for Queen Elizabeth II. We recognized B.B. King across the room. Biden dragged me over to the blues master and said, to the obvious delight of B.B., "Everyone here came to see the Queen, but I came to see the King!"

But we'll wait until tomorrow to tell these sorts of stories. Tonight, I hope he'll be a controlled pit bull. I want to sit in the dark, drinking wine and hear the drums beat.