12/14/2011 09:19 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sister, Sister: Sleeping Habits

'Sister, Sister' is a recurring column about the adventures of real-life sisters Allison (17) and Natalie (15) from Kansas City, Missouri. You can also find them on, their official high school newspaper.

"Get up so I don't have to try waking you up for the FIFTH time!" What you just read was something our lovely mother actually said to us this morning. And the morning before, and probably every other morning of this school year. We just aren't good at getting up in the morning, which is probably true of most STA girls. What probably isn't so typical of other STA girls are the sleeping habits that the two of us have. Read below as we discuss what we all spend a third of our lives doing: sleeping.

Allison: From the beginning of both of our lives, Natalie's philosophy has been early to bed, early to rise. Contrarily, mine has been sleep all day, party all night. As we mentioned earlier, getting up is difficult for both of us though. Take for example, my first day of kindergarten.

Natalie: Obviously, Allison partied too hard the night before the first day of school, but that's a different story for a different day. In recent years, I have had difficulties waking up too, but I wasn't always like that. Allison's rocky relationship with the morning has caused me some problems on important days. Christmas morning was always a pain with her. I would wake up early to see what good ole Santy Clause brought us, while Allison stayed in bed, being annoying.

Allison: So what if my late sleeping delayed your discovery of your Barbie cash register and Easy Bake Oven? During this very school year your late sleeping has caused us and our carpool to leave late. You would think that yelling at you, turning on your light and making loud noises would awake you, but it just doesn't.

Natalie: Well sorry, but my ears have somehow formed a barrier against anything that would interrupt my sleeping, including the three alarm clocks I set on my phone at the highest volume possible. Also, my bed is very comfortable. And apparently, yours isn't because most nights, you choose to sleep on the floor.

Allison: I wish I had a defense for this, but it is totally true. I do sleep on my floor and I have no good explanation as to why. It's just simple living, you know? Actually, you probably don't because this is just a flat out weird habit that I have. I am just a weird sleeper overall, though, because when I do sleep in my bed, I put my feet at the head board and my head at the foot of the bed.

Natalie: Don't pretend like you don't know why you sleep on the floor. It's obviously because you throw everything you own onto your bed, and choose to put yourself in pain instead of simply moving your stuff.

Allison: 1. It is not painful. 2. Although what you say is true about me throwing my clothes onto my bed, I sleep on the floor even when my bed is in mint condition. I don't ask you to practice what I do, I just ask you to respect it because it doesn't affect you. When you and me share a bed, though, it's a whole new ball game.

Natalie: Sharing a bed with you is always the worst part of vacation. You not only steal all the covers, you pretend you're asleep so that you don't have to give them back. But, oh no no, that doesn't work with me. I simply pull on them as hard as I can until you get mad. And then we're even, and I have my covers back.

Allison: It's unfair to assume that I am pretending to be asleep when I steal the covers because that is only the case 70% of the time. I will admit, for the first time in history, that all those times I kicked you when we shared a bed on vacation... Well, I was awake and knew quite well what I was doing. It was oh so funny as you got angrier and angrier.

Natalie: Revenge will now be sought.