08/18/2014 10:31 am ET Updated Oct 18, 2014

Don't Pity Robin Williams or Others Who Pass Seemingly Early

I think we can all agree that none of us have managed to uncover the secrets of life and death here on the earthly plane. We really don't know, on this side of the veil, why some die in a rocking chair surrounded by family at a ripe old age, while others pass seemingly before their time, and often suddenly. The not knowing is unsettling, even for those who feel spiritually plugged in.

It's important to note that we are the architects of our own existence, both on the spiritual plane, and on this physical plane we call earth. By our own design and our own actions, we all have karma to contend with and overcome if we are to evolve to higher levels of existence. Ours is an existence that began before we arrived back here in human form, and one that will exist long after we have exited this particular lifetime.

When someone passes in a way that seems sudden and tragic, even by their own hand, which appears to be the case with the late comedian and actor Robin Williams, we should not pity them. Instead, we should wish them well on their onward journey and pray that their soul finds peace and light on the other side. Our education and growing does not stop upon the physical death of the body. Rather, a soul moves on to other planes of existence where learning can be facilitated in different forms, which might be more easily adaptable by that particular soul.

I, myself, have often joked that "I just don't fit in here," meaning here on earth. Though I am a generally happy person who finds humor in even the most mundane occurrences, as a creative personality whose main form of expression and contribution is through my writing, my emotions lie close to the surface. The gift of emotional presence is ideal for my work, as a parent to my son, and for my ability to empathize with others. On the flip side, I am particularly sensitive and sensitized to some of the ills of earthly existence. I find that this is also the case with many who choose a profession in the arts, such was the case with a brilliant comedian like Mr. Robin Williams. His innate ability to tap into our psyches to make us laugh and to make us cry, perhaps, stemmed from a source of pain that even he could not quite comprehend or reign in while in his most recent lifetime.

What we here might define as "tragic" may simply be part of a much bigger picture that we know nothing about. Nobody here is privy to the spiritual journey of the soul that was called "Robin Williams" in his latest physical incarnation. A soul's journey knows no time as we know it in earthly terms. In spirit form we pick up where we have left off, continuing to learn, heal, grow and serve from the spiritual realm. We are all at different stages of growth and learning, and we come to the physical plane and incarnate in a human body to learn lessons that cannot be fully experienced and ingrained when in spirit.

Experiences and emotions like pain, loneliness, addiction, depression and heartbreak are experienced on this side, while in the body. We learn a great deal from those emotions and the experiences that precipitate or result from them. We are also given the heavenly gifts of love, joy and connection on earth which provide us with a glimpse of the perfection of the other side while we are here.

From a spiritual standpoint, we are never late or early, but always right on time. Some of us chart lengthy incarnations for ourselves, while others chart shorter incarnations that pack a punch in terms of how much is experienced, attained, learned and contributed while we are here. A life like Robin Williams' should not be measured solely in years, but in the lessons learned and the gifts shared.

Rest (and grow) in peace.

Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.