12/22/2010 10:07 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Best and Worst Dressed Brands of the Week: Slink and Drink in NYC

There will be slink
It's the holiday season, and you may not know that under all the puff and down we New Yorkers wear outside, there's a lot of slink. It's like the North Pole under Sharia Law -- with me, anyway. Puff on the outside, slink and glitter on the inside. So even though I won't be wearing my "good coat" to your holiday party, do not mistake my poofy Burton toaster gloves, down jacket, or Conte of Florence hat with me losing my vanity or not caring. I haven't lost my motivation for glam because of the cold. You just wait 'til I take that coat off--it's all puff on the outside, slink on the inside.

Poof on the outside, slink on the inside

Where to get Slink
Ok, so let's say you think we're still in a recession, which we are not (the more you say it, the more it is so). If so, then I have good news for women who want to get that one holiday dress they can wear repeatedly: Coup de Coeur. Located on Irving Place, Coup de Coeur is a boutique shop that only sells dresses. Glittery dresses. Dresses that are:

1) Versatile (boots or heels)
2) Sexy-Stylish and
3) Cheap.

I bought some slink for under $60 and you'd never know. And the best thing is that by shopping there, I supported a local neighborhood boutique. It's better quality than H+M, though I'm not sayin' it's Dior. It's just cool stuff for cheap.

Slink from Coup de Coeur

Where to Wear the Slink
Last week I went to a great friend's birthday party at Mari Vanna. She left early, and it's no wonder: she made friends with the Horseradish vodka and was, shall we say, quite finished after the Olivier salad, which came before the pierogis. Most addictive things, like coffee and horseradish vodka, are not instantly palatable; it's the finish that's the best. Head to Mari Vanna in Gramercy, but make sure you don't sit too close to the crystal decanter.

Mari Vanna in Gramercy New York City

Where to Wear the Slink Part 2
I've never said this before, but midtown Manhattan is actually getting a little cooler. I know--I can't believe I just said that, either. I just started taking classes around Turtle Bay, and I believe there is hope for midtown. My reason is this: The National at the Benjamin Hotel. It is the only place (beside Le Bilboquet), that I would travel to the Upper East Side for. The National has a buzz that is reminiscent of Café Noir or Les Enfants Terribles and I swear, Indochine. Seems like there is never a time NOT to go there. Its affect ripples promise to an area rife with hairspray, pointy nails, and pleated pants. And it's certainly a much better place to celebrate the holidays in midtown than the Peacock Bar at the Waldorf, where my single friends and I (that same night) were treated like prostitutes. I'll save that story for another time. Plus putting your family up at the hotel so close to all tourist attractions is much better than having them stay in your apt. So have your downtown, uptown, holiday fun and no getting annoyed at your family. The Benjamin Hotel

How to Stay Slinky
My surefire way to keep my figure during the holidays is no longer an option. An avid gum chewer during the holidays, I can no longer chew gum. You see, I don't do sugarless, and in particular aspartame, phenylalanine and all that other junk. And the last of my gum brands, both Double Mint and Fredent are now made with Aspartame. With over 96 reported health side effects the FDA has been remiss to not recall the product from our food chain. The only gums that do not have aspartame are some versions of Hubba Bubba and Bazooka. Not exactly dainty and will surely impede my life's work of having more grace.

So happy holidays and if any finds a cool hat and glove set with a GPS locator, send me an email with a link. I've already lost 2 poofy hat and glove sets so far.

If you would like to nominate a brand, please send an email description to discover [at] 321worldwide [dot] com accompanied with samples (if relevant) to:

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