11/23/2010 04:31 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bills Bowl Over Bengals 49-31

Why so serious? That's the question breakout receiver Stevie Johnson asked Bengals fans -- and the world -- after his first touchdown of the game at the beginning of the third quarter. What, were Batman and Robin's mouths hanging open over on the sidelines as they watched their halftime lead diminished to within 10 points? Poor, poor T.Ocho... not!

Why was everyone so serious? Not only Bengals fans, but tweeps who never chime in about the Bills, much less during games, inundated my timeline with tweets of disbelief. I know "it's the Bills," but the Bengals were only 2-7 going into this game. Not great and not much to brag about.

But the Buffalo Bills sure have something to brag about after Sunday's spectacle of brilliant, explosive, fearless and dominant football. For those who haven't heard, the Bills bowled over the Bengals 49-31. That score doesn't really look like a beatdown, right? Well, it most definitely can be classified as just that, since the Bills overcame a 17 point deficit at the half -- and did it with 35 unanswered points, at that.

It's the type of comeback that only the Bills can really deliver. Why? Because nobody, nobody, expects it to happen. But suddenly, since last week's win versus Detroit, the Bills have figured out exactly how to make things like this happen.

Take a look at some of the numbers that came out of this game:

  • Fitz finished with 316 yards and four touchdowns. That means, he easily exceeded the 6,000 yard mark on his career. A tip of the pigskin to you, Fitzy.
  • Stevie Johnson recorded eight catches for 137 yards and three touchdowns. Just wow. Those numbers helped him surpass a career 50-reception season, not to mention scored him some time on ESPN. Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off this desk--when's the last time the Bills were featured/discussed/[gasp] praised by those that love to ridicule them? Exactly.
  • Freddy J racked up 116 yards on the ground, 13 yards receiving and two touchdowns. My boy is a powerhouse and ain't nobody gonna forget it, now! His performance the past two games, especially, is exactly why I present a lengthy dissertation to anybody who comes at him, laying out why he's so fabulous. (I'm thinking of adding diagrams, photo proof and comic scenarios to enhance comprehension) Not only is he fast and good at hanging on to the ball, he's versatile and adaptive. If his blocks don't produce the holes where they're supposed to be, he finds another route to take. He doesn't quit until numerous defensive backs are dragging him down, and much of the time, the play is blown dead without him ever eating dirt (or gross man sweat).

The defense got themselves three takeaways that turned into 14 points. That's the most this season.

  • Drayton Florence recovered a forced fumble by Marcus Stroud on the Bengals' first second half possession, which he turned into six points, directly. He also made an interception with a little over 2 minutes left in the game, which set up Freddy J's 30-yard touchdown dash.
  • George Wilson finally got his takeaway, coming THIS close all season, intercepting a Palmer pass intended for T.O.

A win is always exhilarating, but a win to the tune of 49-31 is borderline amazing. The Bills are facing a tough team, Pittsburgh, when they host them at the Ralph on Sunday. It'll be tough, but with their momentum and confidence, I Billieve.


P.S. The Bills no longer have the worst record in the league! *high five*