09/13/2010 11:52 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bills Don't Squish the Fish

Sunday's game wasn't great. Not only did we lose to Miami (15-10), we lost at home. Somehow, those losses always hurt the most. It hurts even more when you're there. I def left the Ralph a mixture of disturbed, depressed, embarrassed, with a strange feeling of contentment because I saw some good friends and pleasure because of my free reusable Bills shopping bag/the beads this drunk mess presented me with...all topped off with bleeding blisters on both ankles and that "drank a lot really fast, super early, but had to stop to sober up" headache. It wasn't one of my best moments.

We'll start with the good:

-Our run game...emerged. And by emerged, I mean you could tell we had solid RBs, they just never got into a rhythm. Why not? Oh, I don't know, maybe it had something to do with the fact that three were being rotated in and out and all around. Keep it at one with a back up and call it a day. You know who I vote to bid farewell to.

-Our defense-once again-carried us. I was going to give them a C+ but my dad said to be nice so I'll give them a solid B. Their run defense improved significantly from last season and the pass rush was actually fairly decent, keeping Brandon Marshall relatively dull. I mean, Miami did only score 13 points (we gave them the safety) so this was basically a game of who sucked more. In this case, we did.

-Brian Moorman and Rian Lindell were fab as usual. Roscoe Parrish managed to hang on to the ball.

This was the problem:

-Trent Edwards should not be starting QB. Before you all virtually beat me up (or verbally berate me), I'll say it again: I'm sure he's a nice guy and that's good and dandy, except we're not having a tea party or playing Connect Four, we're playing football and nice doesn't matter between 1 and 4 p.m. It's not his fault. Those concussions did him in, he's never been the same since, and it's about time someone else besides little old me accepted this and did something about it. Seriously, how many chances is the guy gonna get? If Gailey was hellbent on going with Trent as starting QB, fine, but by the time halftime rolled around and he saw how horribly pathetic his performance was, why would you keep him in? Pull him out and give Ryan Fitzpatrick a shot. He's the one that kept us kind of together last season...who at least tried to connect with Lee Evans and Terrell...who wasn't afraid to throw the ball farther than 5 yards. Trent just dumped the ball play after play after play. That's a waste of our receiving talent, namely, my Lee. When it's the fourth quarter and you're already down, why do you hand it off on a 3rd and 14?! If someone can explain the logic there, I'm willing to listen.

I've been kind enough to provide some musical insight into this dilemma, in the hopes that the coaches and Trent lovers can hop off the Trent bandwagon in a timely fashion. "You cry if you want to/that's what we all do/but if you think you'll never move on/wrong baby wrong...there's nothin' wrong with movin' on when you know he's good and goneeee." Trent is gone and it's OK to move on guys, I promise.

Yeah, it sucks to lose but after the initial disturbance wore off, I realized that we really weren't in as bad shape as it seems. The Dolphins' stats weren't exactly stellar either and I honestly think we would have won it if Fitzpatrick was throwing the ball.

All hope is not lost, it's only the first game. I don't sound positive, but I am, and you should be too. And another plus: Bills Chick made it out of there without a single confrontation and a minimal number of awkward exchanges with overly assertive men.

Next week the Bills head to Green Bay. It should be...interesting.

Go Bills!